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Managing Customers

Managing customers is your organization's life support.  No customers = no business.  

  • Does your organization do something like an annual revision of the Strategic Plan? 
  • How can you  make your competitor's products and services obsolete?  
  • Are your new ideas secure?   

Indifference toward customers is rarely tolerated for very long.  Customer management begins with strategic planning, and  continues through connections to sales forecasts, financial management, operations management, managing change, program and project selection and management, resource management, and customer support.    

Ongoing communications with your customers--and responding to their ideas--helps to ensure that your new products and services will have value for your current customers--and potential customers.

We provide facilitation of strategic planning sessions, documentation, and consulting as needed.  We'll help you synch up your strategies and your projects. 

Managing Programs and Projects

This  Key Result Area   is closely linked to Customer Management, while also being connected to Resource Management, Finance Management, and Change Management.  During strategic planning, you will be choosing the portfolios, programs, and projects which align with your strategic objectives. 

NO company can fund ALL of the projects that are proposed.  Allowing too many "rogue" projects, that have not passed through a rigorous selection process, have doomed many startups, and older companies.  

  • Do your C-level managers, or a Steering Committee expect time and cost estimates for new project investment proposals? 
  • Does your company use a combination of both Agile and Traditional project management practices? 
  • Will you be expanding your company by acquisition of other companies? 
  • How much of the organization's budget will be spent on compliance projects?
  • When should ANY project be canceled? 
  • Are all of your programs and projects secure from invasion and theft by competitors and others? 

New product and service development are only part of your organization's portfolio of programs and projects.  IT and Facilities Management projects may also be part of a larger Change Management program. 

Plannapalooza Partners provide facilitation of these project planning sessions, documentation, and consulting as needed.  We'll help you synch up your strategies and your projects, perhaps planning several projects together using either Agile or Traditional approaches--or BOTH. 

Finance Management


 Few companies can survive for  long when Sales Revenue is less than their Costs and Expenses.  The same is true of companies that let too many unapproved projects consume, and/or waste  its financial resources.  

  • Sources and Uses of funds?  
  • Internal cross-charging? Sales? 
  • Profit margin and operating margin?
  • What are your organization's operating costs for next year? 
  • Annual spending plans?  Operating and capital budgets? 
  • Are all company assets and information systems secure?
  • What  are the estimated costs for all approved programs and projects? 
  • How does your company prepare for a recession? 
  • Is your company's supply chain as good as can be? 

We provide cost estimates for programs and projects, as well as facilitation of budgeting sessions, documentation, and consulting as needed. We'll help you synch up your strategies and your financial management. . 

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Resource Management

Managing internal and external resources, including vendors, materials, equipment, and facilities  is ongoing.  To ensure that you have the right resources in the right place, at the right time, it is best to know the types of resources you will need for the coming year.  In addition to past experience, you will have ongoing, day-to-day operations, with much routine work, and on the other hand, initiatives that are non-routine, such as projects.  

The most important decisions you will ever make as a manager is the selection of people for your team.  For this reason, many companies have chosen to hire potential employees on contract,  and if they work out,  hire them.  Similarly, for external vendors who have expertise that is not available internally, you will usually work through your Purchasing or Procurement department.  This department will usually help you with Requests for Proposals (RFPs), Requests for Information (RIFs), Requests for Bid (RFBs), Purchase Orders, and other resource-related documents. 

  • What are the resources that you need for ongoing operations?  
  • What are the resources required for Customer Management, Programs and Projects?
  • Is there one or more change initiative that will require specialized resources? 
  • Are there resources needed for monitoring the costs of programs, projects,  
  • Who are the internal and external resources that are needed? 
  • How will you measure the success of both internal and external people? 
  • Do you have the financial resources to hire more people? 
  • Do you have the financial resources to obtain external experts, materials and supplies? 
  • Whose approval must be sought? 

Part of every manager's job is to manage both the person and the employee.   This means limiting extra hours or weekend work to true emergencies.  It means limiting project team members to three projects, to optimize their efficiency. 

Plannapalooza Partners provide training  and consulting on managing people and other resources.  We can help resource planning and help to coordinate and refine Enterprise Resource Planning, (ERP) as needed. 

Change Management

Today, a common change  occurring for most companies is the tightening up of computer security. Since this change will require other changes, such as changing procedures and replacing security systems, you may want to unite all of these efforts under a single program.  Acquiring another business, and then merging the new business with the old business is also a common organizational change that may require multiple projects.

Other organizational changes may include culture changes, re-structuring or right-sizing, process changes, and various changes in technology, such as making the transition from traditional project planning and management to an agile, adaptive approach. 

Organizations that are proactive are able to convert new ideas into high-quality, reliable, well-priced products and service more rapidly. They tend to plan for change and react to change by considering the needs of all internal and external stakeholders, including potential customers. They keep one foot in the present, and one foot in the future by planning for change, whether that means moving to a new state, entering a new industry, or upgrading systems. Each change should be planned, and implemented considering the previous four Key Results Areas:

  • Customer Management
  • Program and Project Management
  • Finance Management
  • Resource Management

Will the change have an effect on our customers, and other external stakeholders? Would it make sense to combine multiple change projects into one change program? You will also need to have a reasonably accurate estimate of how much the program or project must cost, including the cost of the various types of resources needed, such as people, materials and supplies, and facilities. 

We will help you to clarify the extent of the organizational change required, benefits to be accrued, and your choices, given your circumstances.   Talk to us about planning for this year's changes BEFORE your upcoming budget is due.  Send us an email to:   

What is Keeping You Up At Night?

  • Are all of your portfolios, programs, and projects aligned with your strategic plan?  
  • Is organizational change being well managed?
  • Are your projects always late? 
  • Are your projects always over budget?
  • Are people NOT being used efficiently? 
  • Is your future supply chain secure?
  • Are projects failing due to poor communications across geographies?  

Let's talk.  Call us at 774-262-5596 when convenient, between 8:30-5 pm Eastern Time, Monday-Friday. 

Decades of Experience

All of Plannapalooza's partners have decades of experience in their specialties. We have worked to launch new products and services in aerospace, banking bio tech/pharma, somsumer products, commercial products, energy, insurance, manufacturing, operations, product lifecycle management, system and software development, supply chain management and utilities

Our team has worked with clients at all levels in the USA and in many other countries. We have worked in most organizational functions, including Engineering, Finance and Administration, Human Resources, and Manufacturing.