Planning and Organizing What has NEVER been Done Before

What is Keeping You Up At Night?

  • Are all of your portfolios, programs, and projects aligned with your strategic plan?  
  • Is organizational change being well managed?
  • Are your projects always late? 
  • Are your projects always over budget?
  • Are people NOT being used efficiently? 
  • Is your future supply chain secure?
  • Are projects failing due to poor communications across geographies?  

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Decades of Experience

All of Plannapalooza's partners have decades of experience in their specialties. We have worked to launch new products and services in aerospace, banking bio tech/pharma, somsumer products, commercial products, energy, insurance, manufacturing, operations, product lifecycle management, system and software development, supply chain management and utilities

Our team has worked with clients at all levels in the USA and in many other countries. We have worked in most organizational functions, including Engineering, Finance and Administration, Human Resources, and Manufacturing.