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Why Us? Our Decades of Experience

Mission statement – Plannapalooza Partners was created to help our clients to do things that have NEVER been done before.

Whether you are starting a new company, planning a move to a new facility, reducing pollution,  or launching a new product or new service, we will help you to get a solid plan in place.  

We'll  work with you to create a Strategic Plan or Initial Project Plan, using Agile or Traditional planning techniques--or BOTH, for one or more projects.  Then, we can come back later, to refine the Initial Project Plan. 

To launch a new product or new service, your teams  will huddle with us to strengthen and sharpen the connections between your customers and  your Business Plan.  Our promise to your organization:  we will work with  you to estimate timeframes and milestones, estimate costs, and a schedule for several projects, often in only one or two days. 

Our success in aerospace, banking, bio tech/pharma consumer products, energy, financial services, high tech, insurance, manufacturing, retail products, and utilities have prepared us to improve your odds of success, and increase confidence in the future!

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