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Dennis D’Antona, MBA, PMP

Dennis D'Antona is a proven program management and business transformation leader with multi-industry experience. He is comfortable in diverse vertical markets including bio tech / pharma, retail, wholesale, financial services, consumer products and high tech companies from start-up to major global companies. He has demonstrated performance in managing merger and acquisition projects, creating and enhancing program management offices, and delivering global business transformation projects.

Significant accomplishments include providing strong governance and management; deploying repeatable, scalable business processes; overcoming complex business challenges; and delivering business outcomes aligned to corporate objectives. Dennis has successfully deployed business solutions to improve operations in numerous business functional areas including payroll, supply chain, product lifecycle management, ecommerce, finance, sales, marketing, manufacturing, distribution, human resources, and customer services.

Dennis has focused his attention on assisting companies to improve business performance by developing and executing business strategies, through program and project management. He has led the creation and enhancement of program management offices (PMOs). 

These are some of successes that Dennis has been able to achieve:

  • Managed 6 shared services integration projects for a $10B biotech company resulting in over $600K in annual savings from the consolidation of payroll, travel and finance services.
  • Business process reengineering management including restructuring of sales processes and financial analysis to improve data accuracy from 90% to 100% and redesign of sales order to shipments process reducing process 90%.
  • Managed $6M program to improve supply planning, procurement vendor collaboration and logistics visibility to support 5 domestic manufacturing factories, 70 international finished goods suppliers and 4 distribution centers.
  • For a $500M software and professional services provider, improved consultant assignment allocations and increased group's billable hours from 25% to 60% within a two-month period.
  • Management of turnaround project to address major data integrity and performance issues with order fulfillment process involving third party web services provider. Within a six week period, eliminated all severity customer service calls and improved processing time by 300%.
  • Implementation and enhancement of B2C applications for a $2B software provider relating to on line electronic registration software license authorization used 150,000 end users, and 300 distributors, resellers and major account customers.
  • In collaboration with an SAP third party software provider, designed a data conversion system that reduced the SAP data conversion efforts by 80%.
  • Implemented enterprise application systems $1.5B computer manufacturer which attributed to a 250% increase in revenue per employee and a 70% reduction in inventory levels.

Ms. Stefanie Heiter, helps organizations to maximize the productivity of a global, distributed workforce. She is among the nation’s leading thinkers in the human side of virtual work. She provides expertise in such areas as leadership and team development for those located in the same place—and virtually. Her collaborating efforts help enable people to create productive relationships across distances.

As a pioneer, Stefanie’s research and consulting experience in dispersed, international work began 20 years ago, keeping her at the cutting-edge of this emerging field. She led the company in researching and creating a series of evidence-based models in Organizational Fitness, which serve as the foundation for assessments, workshops, and consulting processes. She also provides remote worker training and toolkit, global virtual leadership development, cross-cultural communications.

She improved communications at an international IT organization, and had these results: 

  • The choice to use technologies that made remote team members more ‘present’ and visible to each other permitted everyone to add value to the projects
  • The act of including remote workers became a want/need to do, rather than a nice thing to do, so team members working offsite didn’t feel excluded, and was no longer a burden for those located at the corporate headquarters
  • With a diversity of opinions and expertise, tasks were completed, and issues resolved faster and better

At a pharmaceutical company, she had these results: 

  • Use of video in global meetings facilitated better comprehension with accents and language challenges
  • Candid conversations with teammates and leaders led to better working relationships
  • Skype For Business functional training prompted more informal interactions and reduced email volume
  • Planned regular meetings to allow team to share successes and failures with each other
  • Team co-created a communication plan for reduced email, when to use which technology, and how to be more inclusive in decisions
  • Better use of company-wide skills and expertise database
  • Increased reach-outs to the best resource (e.g., skills, experiences, knowledge), regardless of location
  • Separated fact from fiction on whether video camera could unknowingly be in use
  • Teammates sharing about each other’s national culture reduced unintended misunderstandings
  • Reduced feelings of isolation by those not at large corporate sites
  • Better understanding of everyone’s roles and responsibilities

Stephanie's  clients include Sanofi, Microsoft, Walgreens, Baker Hughes, and Lockheed Martin, in addition to numerous others of varying size and industry. She enhances their ability to thrive in the digital workplace by enhancing performance at the intersection of technology and relationship building. Stefanie has authored numerous published articles in the area of virtual leadership, teams and communications, and is a frequent speaker. She is currently finishing a book on Electronic Body Language.

Remote worker training and toolkit, global virtual leadership development, cross-cultural communications,

Gina Abudi, MBA has 25+ years’ of experience providing training/educational programs for mid- to large, global organizations. 

Gina has created and owns the IP to over 60 workshops focused on critical skills development, management and leadership training programs. She works closely with a variety of clients to develop and deliver customized workshops, seminars and training programs to meet long term strategic development and training needs. 

Gina is an adjunct faculty member at Granite State College, Clark University, and Tufts University teaching in MBA and Master’s programs. Additionally, Gina partners with the University of New Hampshire and New England College facilitating training sessions for their corporate clients.

Gina is lead author of Best Practices for Managing BPI Projects: Six Steps to Success (J Ross Publishing, 2015) and author of Implementing Positive Organizational Change: A Strategic Project Management Approach (J Ross Publishing, 2017.) Her next book will be The Profit Maximizing Culture: A Strategic Guide to Building Your Organizational Change Capabilities (J Ross Publishing, late 2019/early 2020.)

Gina received her MBA from Simmons Graduate School of Management. 

Select Training-Related Accomplishments

  • Designed, developed and delivered on-the-ground and virtual training to individuals within a variety of organizations from a variety of industries, around the globe
  • Designed, developed and delivered long-term leadership programs with a focus on high potentials, new supervisors, mid-level managers and senior and executive leadership
  • Designed, developed and launched a number of global surveys to gather data/for decision making for a variety of reasons for large, global organizations
  • Professional speaker, speaking at 10 – 15 conferences and industry events a year on a variety of leadership and change management topics
  • Designed, developed and delivered lunch and learn sessions and webinars on a variety of critical skills topics
  • Provided executive coaching services to senior leaders and high potentials
  • Developed and utilize a customizable 360 assessment tool for all levels of employees

Thomas C. Belanger, M.S. PMP, Veteran

When a power plant needed help in shutting down and overhauling the plant, a $4 million dollar project, Tom led the team, with the Project Manager and the Project Scheduler, and created and activated a plan to do the shutdown and overhaul, which reduced harmful emissions by 25%.  

As Director of the Center for Business and Industry at Worcester State University, he created and managed Certificate Programs in Business Analysis, Project Management, and Saturdays for Success. These efforts required the screening,  hiring, and often development of approximately 50 Trainers and Consultants. 

When a major  bank needed a project management methodology and life cycle for mergers and acquisitions of other banks, they called Tom, who also provided one-on-one coaching on project planning and organization, and Microsoft Project. 

When a Lockheed Martin contractor needed a Project Manager to develop a new software application for the Department of Defense, they hired Tom.  During the 9-month project, the project met all DoD and Lockheed-Martin milestones. 

Tom co-founded  DMSI, a Training, Consulting, and Publishing Company. In its first year of operations, the company added  3 Fortune 500 clients, United Technologies, Rubbermaid, and Digital Equipment Corporation.  He co-founded the Central Mass Chapter of the Project Management Institute in 2003, and served on its Board of Directors for nearly four years.  

Tom has facilitated project planning for hundreds of projects, and has created project plans in both the private and public sectors, since 1983. He has assisted clients in planning and managing projects, including new product and service development throughout the USA, and parts of Canada.

Tom has designed and developed more than 25 training manuals for Program Management, Project Management, Decision Making, and Problem Solving. Since 1991, he has written 9 books, 2 book chapters,  and over 100 articles in various publications. 

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